Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Tandana is an archive of anti-racist materials from the Asian Youth Movements of the UK. Its an historical archive developed by Anandi Ramamurthy with Heritage Lottery Funding. Its the best use of such funds I've seen - I mean compared to running repairs on the various facades of the monarchy, its palaces, and its personages, its much better value for money.

  1. Tandana aims to archive the visual and ephemeral culture of South Asian struggle in Britain for social, cultural and political rights.
  2. Tandana aims to give value to this heritage through:
    a. the creation of a centralised and accessible archive.
    b. the collection of supportive and contextual documentation.
  3. Tandana will digitise the ephemera and make this heritage accessible through the web to allow access by as wide a number of people as possible.

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