Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Coca-Cola campaign

This just in:
Dear supporters of the Coca-Cola campaign: We begin 2006 with the MASSIVE victory from the University of Michigan where the university has suspended its business with the Coca-Cola company because the company has not agreed to an independent investigation into issues in India and Colombia. The India Resource Center worked closely with the students at Michigan to ensure that the company was first placed on probation, and now suspended. The University of Michigan is a top-ranked public university with 50,000 students and with your support, we can expect more contracts to be revoked in 2006.

The campaign to hold Coca-Cola accountable continues to grow in India, with major demonstrations against the company to wind up 2005 – in Rajasthan <> and in Uttar Pradesh <>. More demonstrations are expected in February.

Help us spread the campaign to hold Coca-Cola accountable. We want to attend the World Water Forum being held in Mexico from March 16-22, 2006. Coca-Cola is one of the main sponsors of the event and we are getting ready to expose to the world why Coca-Cola and sustainable development are opposites. Do consider making a donation which will allow us to bring grassroots activists from India to the Water Forum.

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TAKE ACTION: Protest Coca-Cola's Crimes in India

[Just in case you were feeling a little parched].

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