Saturday, July 08, 2006

Home Page - Bioinnovit : Intellectual Property Exchange and Technology Transfer Services for Life Sciences

Earlier it was anthropologists being head hunted by television. Then there was Saatchi & Saatchi's CULT-GEISTT global intelligence network, and various other corporate education fandangle-athons: the 'pureGoldsmiths' link at the end of my failed attempt to revamp ALL graduate provision at Goldsmiths (OK, it was a mad idea) and various comments on think tanks. Now its getting that the world is tailoring services to make industrial linked drones of us all. This letter just in my mailbox:

Dear Prof. Hutnyk
FP7 is the largest and , likely, one of the very rare sources of significant funding (EUR 10+ Billion fro Life Sciences) for ambitious R&D projects in Europe. So, it is time to make a move! First calls in Q406.
Now! Learn more about FP7 at
Are you considering coordinating an Integrated Project, a Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) , a Network of Excellence ? Contact us for expert advise at no cost to you.
For your FP7 project we are well positioned to be the Contractor/Partner responsible for the management of the business aspects. You, the Coordinator take care of the Science. We will take care of the rest!
We will assist you in the following areas:
- Selection and Recruitment of scientific and industrial partners
- Strategic Advisory on definition of Scientific Plan
- Development of R&D, Financial and Management plans according to EU guidelines
- Assistance in supporting the application- Preparation of EU contracts
- Preparation of the Consortium Agreement
- Assistance in negotiating Intellectual Property Rights among partners
- Consortium Financial and Accounting Management
- Intellectual Property Rights protection and management
- Preparation of Periodic & Final Reports to the Commission.
Please don’t forget to visit the European Life Sciences Exchange (LSX) at and list your project . To list is simple and it takes 5 minutes.
Sincerely, Partnering Team

Home Page - Bioinnovit : Intellectual Property Exchange and Technology Transfer Services for Life Sciences
pic is from the new Man Uni empire...

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And now did you hear that:

"Innoflow is a Dutch innovation consultancy firm [] looking to use ethnographic tools to provide customer insight and new product and service design to its clients. They are exploring a range of alliances and training options, and may want to look at what Goldsmiths has to offer when
they are in the UK on a learning trip over September 12, 13."