Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fun^Da^Mental's 'All Is War'

hawgblawg: "Positive review of Fun^Da^Mental's 'All Is War'
At last, a critic able to actually engage with Fun^Da^Mental's forthcoming release (due out at the end of the month) All Is War--a review by Chris Campion, writing in The Observer. Some choice bits:

Strip away the outrage, then, and what's left is an album pieced together with great consideration. To provoke not just a reaction but thought and debate...Musically, too, it's audacious and, at times, is underpinned by a militant faith: a faith in humanity to lance the boil afflicting society and reveal the poison swelling up within. Fear, intolerance, ignorance and self-interest are the hallmarks of Blair's Britain underneath its thin veneer of civility and morality.
posted by Ted Swedenburg @ 8:57 PM "

Aki here and FDM here.

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