Friday, May 12, 2006

Rachel's Spot

Rachel's Spot: "May 02, 2006 heaven gained an angel ::: *DUSK rest in power*

last night u appeared in my dreams. it was typical you stood behind the tables, spinning some rare grooves, latin funk and rap that took me back. you nodded in your usual way, a smirking grin and a little lip to say what's up. i wanted to speak, build, hear about your latest project to make the world a better place.
most only know you for the beats but you gave the world so much more:
on race relations
on youth
on language, discourse and power
for mumia
and it don't stop. can't stop, won't stop.
a drunk driver took all that from all of us.
a little bit of the music died with you.
LA will never be the same.
i'm still in shock.
you will forever be missed.
i will stay dreaming about dancing at the rootdown.

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