Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bye Bye Howard, TweedleRudd takes his place - eeew/New Leadershrimp.

After 11 long reactionary years, Johnny bye bye Howard's concessions speach in the Austraian 'election' just now on SkyNews included a tribute to the First Australians and his recent 'intervention' - given the blunt racism of that intervention, this was just one final kick in the knees. I am so glad to see him fuck right off. And I don't carehow much the swing was, or if Benelong's revenge is that he loses his seat or just withers away in office. Bye Bye Johnny Bye Bye.

Then I switch to ABC news and to the acceptance speech of the new Prime Minister. How long it takes Mr Rudd to remove the troops from Iraq will be the first test for his promise 'to govern in the National interest'. Then sme platitudes... doesn't sound that prmoising does it: 'A new consensus' needs to be 'forged', a '21st Centry economy' and a 'right balance' between flexibility and fairness in the workplace'. Oh dear - then there was some waffle about 'fair go', 'national defence' and 'work for the nation'.

'To our frineds and allies ... [Rudd] will work with them to face the challenges of the future' - what could that possibly mean? Especially followed by mention of our great friends in the USA straight after. Mate - 'eeew' Leadership or 'new' same old same old'.

Greens don't seem to have done as well as they might have hoped, but Adam Bandt did alright in the impossible ask against Lindsay Tanner in Melbourne. Reason to be cheerful I do suppose - awwww. We will of course be admonished for not being happy happy happy. And that Maxine Medium in Benelong got all the publicity in the UK papers. While communist parties don't seem to get any mention anywhere, of course. The resurgent Left is, um, not yet quite evident...

We've decided the Goverment in Exile Office must remain open for business.

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