Monday, September 04, 2006

words of advice for young people... from Mars...

My the world is strange #133....

I got this email below out of the blue a few days ago. Its pretty wild to be thinking, as I am now, of doing something more creative with sound, and indeed I do have a fantasy of some sort of Uncle Bill Burroughs type adventure, but with Mao and hip hop. This label could be ideal - they have some good stuff out already. Would love to do something with Fun^da^mental using some of the texts from my Marx/Representation/Cultural Politics course with acoustic hip hop spoken word mash up. But as its just this surprise letter that suggests the idea, I doubt there would be time to get anything together, or if it would eve remotely work. Actually, I think the idea is totally crazed. So I like it....

>>>Dear John

I've been meaning to contact you since Zoe Irvine
waxed lyrical about you and your work to me earlier this year.

To cut a long question short - do you perform stuff live? Would you be interested in
recording a live set for my strange online label Seven Things at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, preferably 45 mins long, at somepoint on the 18th Nov this year?

We're running a sort of day-long gig at the festival with people like Alessandro Bosetti / Adam Linson / John Butcher playing and recording forus. If in principle this might be of interest, please do let me know and we can talk more about exactly what you might wish to do, with whom, and what the involvement with Seven Things would entail.

With all best wishes
John Harris
Seven Things I Daren't Express Ltd
Alison House12 Nicolson Square Edinburgh EH8 9DF UK

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