Sunday, August 27, 2006

What are those things for?

I was asked just recently about the purpose/function/mechanics of those 'subscribe to this' lines that appear at the bottom of the page here, and on the sidebar in my main "diary thing" (called Trinketization where you can also subscribe via email through feedblitz). So, what these are, are basic RSS feeds and the like that let you track new posts rather than having to recall the urls - as explained conveniently - via mainstream press articles - by Jon on Posthegemony: "For more on RSS, see 'The Really Simple Future of the Web' and 'RSS Feed' from the BBC, 'Fine-Tuning Your Filter for Online Information' from The New York Times, or 'Reboot' from The Guardian. RSS Info has a list of suggested RSS readers."
So, now you know. Thanks Jon.

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