Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Pirate Party

Check this out :

The Pirate Party "Because kidnapping and killing people on the high seas is exactly the same as sharing music with your friends!"


Music video contest!

For the Pirate Party, we want to show pirate-themed music videos while we dance. Thus, we are also holding a Pirate Video Remix Contest! The top three video remixes will each receive a snazzy FreeCulture.org t-shirt--a fine vestment for any pirate.


The remixes/mash-ups should feature at least 10 seconds of recognizeable pirates (the traditional ARRR MATEY sea-going pirates). The entire video doesn't have to be pirates, but there should be a few clips to remind people that this is in fact a pirate party.
The music needs a beat that people can groove to. Extra points if the music is plunderphonics or otherwise exercises your fair use rights, but the primary requirement is that the music be danceable.
The music video should be placed somewhere online where we can download it, in a format that VLC can play. MP4 or MOV will work fine. Archive.org is an excellent place to host your video.
The deadline is April 21st, because the party itself is April 22nd and we need time to download the videos.

ta, bri


DJ dADDy Lanz said...

You think my remixes will qualify?
I'm late for the contest

John Hutnyk said...

you missed by at least a week...