Thursday, December 29, 2005

Art Resistance TV
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Art Resistance Community TV Program 1 50 mins
Robert Fisk: Public Meeting at Sydney University.
Robert Fisk has been the Middle East correspondent for The Independent newspaper in the UK since 1988. Dr Fisk spoke at Sydney University at the invitation of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. He spoke mainly about the current situation in Iraq. He tells the story of the growing hatred of the West by millions of Muslims, the colonisation process that previously occurred in the Middle East by European powers and the uncanny resemblance between the British 1920’s occupation of Iraq and the current US occupation. Fisk also talks of the West’s continuing support for Israel ’s occupation of Palestinian land and its refusal to implement UN Resolutions.

Actively Radical TV also conducted an interview with Robert Fisk prior to the lecture and this footage is intercut with his lecture.The Fisk talk is also supplemented by Wattan TV montage footage of life under occupation on the West Bank.

Art Resistance Community TV Program 2 – 34 mins
Scotland: Socialism in the Making
A documentary produced in 2003 on the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) and the politics of Scotland. Interviews with Scottish Members of Parliament, Tommy Sheridan, Frances Curren and Caroline Lechie as well as Allan McCoombs (Co-author of “Imagine”) and Matt Preston from the Scottish Socialist Voice.

Voices of Protest - 30 mins
IN PROFILE: a report by Simon Tayler on the BP corporation and its past activites and its current PR cloak of being a “green” corporation. Also on Voices of Protest is a visit to the ARTV VAULT with an 1999 East Timor Solidarity rally and a 2003 Refugee Rights rally. The PALESTINE REPORT with Rebecca Semaan looks at some of the myths regarding Palestinian Refugees.

Community Focus - 30 mins
In the studio for this edition of Community Focus is Craig Bulley – radio disc jockey for Workers Radio Sydney. Workers Radio Sydney is a radio program broadcast on Radio Skid Row, and plays an integral role in the fight against the changes to the Industrial Relations laws by keeping the community informed of union activities throughout the state and raises the real issues facing working people today.

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(AND FOR NO EXTRA COST Edition 8 contains an extra DVD of the Little Ted series where we follow Little Ted on his adventures to Cuba, the land of Tizzia as well as his endeavour to make the Australian high jump team for the Sydney Olympic games)

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