Sunday, November 27, 2005


Mike Crang has been consistently sharp, so I like his stuff... He writes:

"However, we also need to inject some dynamism here – the tourist is not just someone who has a particular cultural baggage or who responds to a given culture of a destination. These two elements are mutually constituting, and from this it follows that both place and person may change, and change the other. For instance, rumours help shape expectations of visitors (Hutnyk, 1996; O'Hara, 2001) circulating, not just in a one-way street from marketers to audience, but among tourists, as in Hutnyk’s description of ‘the endless flow of indo-babble’ (p. 145) about stories told about going to India, having been to India, and so forth."

from: Crang, Dr Michael (2004) Cultural geographies of tourism, in Lew, Alan and Hall, C Michael and Williams, Allan, Eds. A companion to tourism, pages 74-84. Blackwell.

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