Monday, October 31, 2005

Paganopoulos on Keith Hart

When Weber Met Durkheim: The Visions of Keith Hart for a ‘New World Society’ as Prophecy of a New Order’

By Michelangelo Paganopoulos

"...Harts above reading of ‘anthropology’ as a moral, and therefore, religious force has been severely criticized in the past as ‘imperialist’, allegedly following the political neo-liberal agenda of the only dominant power, the US. Hutnyk has repeatedly underlined the problem of representation in anthropology (1996, 2004) in a humorous and bitter way. Anthropology is based on travelling, and Hutnyk has highlighted the violence caused on a local level from colonialism to tourism:

“Asking if the violence of slavery was TRAVEL does at least raise questions about the violences underlying all travel, including that which enables ethnographic projects, such as the colonial power that makes the world safe for ethnographers and tourists” (Hutnyk, 2004: 23).


For Hart, the above bitter but honest readings of anthropology as a discipline point to the “crisis of the intellectuals” (Hart, 2004:14-7)..."

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